April 12, 2024
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Stray Dog Came To Greet This Couple On Their Wedding Day, To Stole The Couple’s Hearts And Got Adopted Some Days After The Wedding

Stray Dog Came To Greet This Couple On Their Wedding Day, To Stole The Couple’s Hearts And Got Adopted Some Days After The Wedding

It comes as no surprise that the bride and groom are usually those people that draw the most attention at a wedding. However, there are times when guests steal their thunder. Especially, unexpected guests. This happened to Tamiris Muzini and Douglas Vieira Robert, a Brazilian couple who were pleasantly surprised by a stray dog who came to greet them on their wedding day.

The newlyweds were enchanted by this adorable creature who immediately became the spotlight of the celebration. The dog, who later was named Braiá Caramelo de Jesus, stole the couple’s hearts and got adopted some days after the wedding.

The woman revealed that when she was about to form the groomsmen’s line for the ceremony, the dog arrived and sat right at the entrance of the church! Both Huandra and the groomsmen found that scene very cute. However, they had to somehow move it from there for the bride and groom to be able to enter. But to their surprise, the dog managed to get to the car the bride was in and stayed by her side until she got out.

Tamiris found it incredible that the dog followed her to the church door. The bride entered the church and the dog stayed at the entrance, lying down until the ceremony was over.
As Huandra shared, they tried a few more times to get the dog out of the place, but then they realized that he really wanted to be there, so they let him be.

Huandra noticed that one of the dog’s paws was hurt and he had a little difficulty walking. “He did something he hadn’t done with anyone before, he got to his feet and tried to greet the bride and groom. That’s when the bride said to me, ‘I want to adopt him, he’s amazing.’ But at that moment, there was nothing I could do because I had a contract to follow and everyone went to celebrate the wedding. Our hearts were in love with the puppy.”

Huandra posted some videos of the dog on the NGO’s page. They quickly went viral and soon people commented that the dog lived on the streets. It was clear that the dog was an orphan. The first thing the couple told me, right after the wedding, was that they couldn’t get the puppy out of their minds.

The day after the wedding, they really wanted to adopt him. They looked for him a lot, but without success. Knowing this demand, one person to help through the NGO’s page, with a photo of him asking if anyone had any news of where the dog was. Six hours later, they found its information and where it lived. The couple went there to catch it and took him to the vet to h.e.al his bro.ken paw and get some me.dicine.

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