September 25, 2023
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Rescue Two B.l.i.n.d Abandoned Puppies Who Eat Grass To Survive

Rescue Two B.l.i.n.d Abandoned Puppies Who Eat Grass To Survive

Today we will share with you a touching story about two poor little b.l.i.n.d dogs who eat grass to survive. They are found wandering in the backyard of an old garage. According to the neighbors, they have never seen these puppies in the village before. It’s likely that they were dumped there by their previous owner.


When the rescue team received a message from a resident living nearby the garage, they immediately set off to save the two puppies. When they arrived, they found that there was no food or water around. The pups were munching on the grass, looking very hungry. Sadly, two poor puppies were b.l.i.n.d.

The staff quickly got back to the car to get them some food which they brought with them. They approached the poor animals and found that they were very weak. They devoured the food. After fulfilling their little stomachs, the two girls were taken to the vet for a quick examination. They named them Sasha and Dasha. In the vet, after examinations, they were diagnosed with congenital b.l.i.n.dness.

The two have no eye lenses which means that they can’t see anything. At that time, they were so small and weren’t fully developed. They must wait until 6-7 months old that doctors could do artificial lens surgery on them. However, the surgery doesn’t guarantee 100% percent of recovering their eyesight. This is still a good chance for the two girls to try.

After the medical checkup, Sasha and Dasha were brought home with one of the rescuers. From now,  they have a sheltered home, have someone to take care of them, and never let them starve again. The two girls quickly became acquainted with the new environment. They loved bathing and playing with the Christmas tree balls. Being unable to see could not prevent two mischievous girls from having fun and exploring the world around them. In their new home, Sasha and Dasha made friends with Mia, who was also adopted from a Love Furry Friends rescue. A dog needs love, commitment and time.

They have had a really tough start, and are still adjusting to what a normal life looks like, and need patience and extra care. It’s a little more challenging to train a puppy who is b.l.i.n.d, but dogs are incredibly adaptable and capable. He needs an owner who understands and can support him.



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