February 22, 2024

Petey The Dog Smiles Himself To Sleep After Finally Getting Adopted. He Found His Forever Home

There are so many kind creatures at animal shelters who are only waiting to be adopted by someone. Sadly, tiny puppies frequently get priority over older and larger pets. Despite the misconception that they are very frightened or aggressive, these huge lugs are often sweethearts that will adore you no matter what. Petey the dog is an excellent illustration of this. He eventually got his forever home after spending almost a year in a shelter. His new family even posted a photo of Petey sleeping with a smile on his face after moving in to add to the motivation. Petey, a joyful dog with an eyepatch-like spot, had run out of time in a small overcrowded shelter and had no prospective adopters waiting for him.

Petey, a North Carolina doggie, became recognized at a local shelter as one of the longest-residing members, although he was barely an “adult”, with one year of age. His charm might have helped him with the rescue staff, but when it came to foster homes, it didn’t work so well. Considering that Petey was already a big boy and that the local shelter was full, they had no other option but to call the SPCA of Wake County, which immediately responded and came to pick up the pup. The SPCA had enough room to take Petey for a long period of time, but they really hoped it wouldn’t take another year before the doggo got adopted.

After just a couple of weeks, Petey’s new parents contacted the SPCA via social media, where they first saw a picture of him. It was love at first sight; Petey was just as excited about his new owners as they were about him.

Considering what a great boy he was at both shelters, there was no doubt he would be just as good in his new home. The SPCA shared the impressions of Petey’s new parents in a F.A post: “Petey is settling in perfectly in his new home,” a member of his new family cheerfully wrote, alongside photos of him with his human parents and his dog brother, Adikus. “He loves sleeping in the bed, playing fetch, and sniffing around the yard. And LOVES playing with his new brother and any other doggy friend he finds. He’s the perfect addition. Petey is so loved and is opening up and showing us his beautiful personality. I am so happy to have him.”

Petey’s excitement and love for his new owners, house, and everything that welcomed him was caught on camera as well, including a photo of him sleeping with a big smile on his face, knowing that he’s finally home.