February 22, 2024

Meet Wally, The Instagram-Famous Bunny With Beautiful Ears That Look Like Angel Wings

Meet Wally, The Instagram-Famous Bunny With Beautiful Ears That Look Like Angel Wings

Wally is an Angora-like rabbit born in July 2014, currently living in Massachusetts, USA with her owner Molly. Wally is a beautiful angora rabbit that has become an internet sensation due to his beautiful ears that look like angel wings. with cute and pretty pictures posted on the social network Instagram.

Wally, her beloved Angora rabbit with big, fluffy ears being likened to wings and pigtails. Wally is one of Instagram’s most popular pets at the moment with almost 50,000 followers. Most of his photos and videos are taken from his home with Prottas in Natick, Massachusetts.

“He’s a very unique, special rabbit with a great personality. There are a lot of adorable bunnies on Instagram, but none quite like him.”Prottas said
Prottas said she adopted Wally New Year’s Eve, a few months after her last rabbit, a Flemmish Giant, pas.sed away.

And though most Angora rabbits have thick coats of fur that make them look like giant cotton balls, Prottas explained she had to trim Wally’s fur down because he was very sensitive to grooming and being brushed. “I don’t touch his ears though, I let those go. And he looked so adorable, soft and cuddly, so I just decided that that’s going to be his look.” Prottas said

The Angora rabbit is native to Ankara, Turkey. They have thick, long, and velvety soft fur. Due to their fur softer than cashmere silk, the Angora rabbit is raised a lot in the West for its fur to make women’s clothes.

They tend to be happy animals, too, that bounce around and play with their owners. Known for having a pleasant expression on their faces, these are very sought after animals. Wally’s photos are just several of the many spiraling around the internet that has helped angora rabbits gain back some fame and excitement around the globe. Angora rabbits produce wonderfully soft wool that can be spun into yarn or felted for craft projects.