April 15, 2024
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Man Rescues Stray Cat On Busy Highway

A heroic Singaporean man came to a cat’s rescue after driving past a busy highway.

Masz Masuri was driving with his son on a highway in Malaysia when he spotted something white on the road. At first, he thought it was a piece of plastic. But as he got closer, he noticed pointy ears — it looked like a cat.

The cat was stuck right at the center median, because it was too scared, the cat crouched and did not dare to move. On the highway, the traffic was going at high speed and cars honking their horns so he couldn’t stop right away to save this poor baby. He went around again, hurriedly picked up the cat, and placed it in the backseat of the car. The cat panicked, immediately ducked under the chair.

Masuri, co-founder of Kitty Konnexion Community, an organization that helps feral cats in Singapore and Malaysia, took the cat to the vet to provide it with the necessary medical care. The cat is said to have broken his right hind leg and has multiple wounds on his leg and chest. It sucks but it’s lucky that Masuri saved him and is being treated by the doctors.

Masuri named the cat Danga Boy and posted pictures of him on social media in search of a new home for him. Danga was eventually adopted by a kind woman and he quickly became a very happy cat with his new family.