September 22, 2023
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Kittens Cannot Stop Cuddling Police Officer Who Rescued Them

Kittens Cannot Stop Cuddling Police Officer Who Rescued Them

Officers Adkins and Hiller from Arlington, Texas, showed once again that members of the police forces are always ready to go an extra mile for the well-being of the members of the community. No matter if a human or an animal is in need of help, these two officers never hesitate to step in.

Two police officers in Texas were finished dealing with a shoplifting call at a local TJ Maxx store when they suddenly got flagged down to help with something else — two tiny kittens stuck under a car in the store’s parking lot. Concerned for the kittens’ safety, the officers quickly went over to the car in question, and immediately heard tiny meows coming from somewhere underneath the car.

They knelt down, looked under the car, and saw two little kittens below with innocent faces staring at them. Officer Adkins carefully pulled the kittens out from under the car, without them getting hurt. When he got to the car the two kittens wouldn’t stop cuddling him. The two officers immediately drove to a local veterinarian clinic to check out and luckily, they were in fairly good condition.

The kittens were hungry because they’d been under the car in a long time. Therefore, the officers fed them some formula out of a tiny bottle and falling more and more in love with them by the minute.

Officer Adkins finally decided to officially adopt these two kittens and name them TJ and Max. Now, two kittens are living peacefully and happily in a house full of love. Thank you to the kind police officers.


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