February 22, 2024

Girl Uses Birthday Money To Save 14 Abandoned Kittens Under The Rain

Girl Uses Birthday Money To Save 14 Abandoned Kittens Under The Rain

A demi-decade ago, there was an Aussie teenage girl who had a strong passion for saving animals who gave her own birthday money to save a total of 14 poor little fluff balls when she was riding home.

One day, Lucinda, 13, was riding her bicycle along the Moonee Ponds Creek track in the rain. Suddenly five kittens appeared on the trail ahead. Seeing how distressed the kittens looked, Lucinda resolved to take them with her. Now, she needed some way to carry the kittens home. It was raining so she ran home to get a laundry basket to collect them. Returning with the basket, Lucinda was surprised when nine more kittens came running toward her. So, she had quite the handful but managed to bring them all with her

“They were so cute. I didn’t want to leave them, they looked so forlorn and lost.” – She said.

Once home, Lucinda contacted the animal hospital, and the staff encouraged her to bring them in. First, Lucinda would need to arrange transportation to the center of Melbourne. That’s when she decided to use her birthday money. Having 14 kittens in the laundry basket, she used all her money for the taxi and she quickly contacted Lort Smith Animal Hospital to get some help. Lucinda’s father gave her permission to use $50 she was given from her aunty for her birthday to get a taxi to take the kittens to safety at Lort Smith Animal Hospital. Amazing!

At the animal hospital, it was the peak of the summer “kitten season.” At the time, hundreds of kittens needed help and care. Nevertheless, they encouraged Ludinda to bring in all 14 kittens.

Once safely at the center, the kittens would receive health care and go to foster homes while they grew bigger and stronger. Then, they would return for microchips and vaccinations. Also, they would be s.payed or neutered, and all would be ready for adoption.

Fortunately, everything paid off. The kittens were safe and happy thanks to Lucinda’s remarkable help. This story is a reminder who those who intend to dump animals to stop and raise people’s awareness of helping them out. Animals are like us, they deserve a good life. Her example inspired her community, appearing in the local news and blogs across the world.

In response, Lort Smith responded, and another person had also offered to reward Lucinda for her kindness. Then, the family extended even more generosity to help the many kittens needing help.
That’s a very generous offer. This story appeared in the Herald Sun today, and a reader got in touch and offered to give Lucinda her $50 back. We let Lucinda’s family know, and they told us she would prefer the person donated to Lort Smith instead. She’s an amazing girl! Thank you for your offer.