February 22, 2024

A Small Depressed Pitbull Puppy At Shelter Finds Happiness After Being Adopted By The Firefighter Who Saved Her

It’s so heart warming to read about stories where humans do everything they can to give dogs another chance in life. And this is exactly the case between firefighter Mike Thawley and pitbull puppy Chunkie.

Despite being happy and safe today, Chunkie is not the same dog she was in October of last year. After being seen by Sacramento firefighters on their way to call, the 3 month old Pitbull was rescued after being abandoned by her previous owners.

It was a cold day in October in Sacramento and the No.14 crew of the local fire department were on their way to a call when they drove past her on the street. She had been left out in the rain, tied to a tree, suffering from ᴍᴀɴɢᴇ. Cold, shivering, she looked scared and confused as the crew drove by, unable to stop and help.

Agonized by what they saw, they couldn’t imagine leaving her in such a bad way. So, Mike Thawley and his crew brought her back to the firehouse. They piled plenty of love on her back at the firehouse, giving her a bath to warm her up as well as lots of cuddles. The crew members suggested that it would be better if they took the dog to a local shelter, where she could be properly cared for and rehoused. So they took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter so she could receive further treatment and hopefully find a home.

Although she was safe in the shelter, Thawley was still worried about Chunkie, he visited her the next day. He wanted to comfort the upset dog and wants to say that she was not alone. Chunkie also seemed to feel Thawley’s feelings for her, she waged her tail to show her joy when she meeted him. The two have forged a close relationship. And finally, after Chunkie recovered, he decided to adopt her. She now has a beautiful forever home where she receives the love and care of a loving family.