April 16, 2024

A Golden Retriever, A Hamster And 8 Birds Are Best Friends (14 Pics)

A Golden Retriever, A Hamster And 8 Birds Are Best Friends (14 Pics)

Meet Bob, the gracious goldie that resides in São Paulo, Brazil, together with his human, 8 feathered friends, and a hamster. The adorable golden retriever rose to Instagram fame after its owner posted pictures of him with his roommates.

Owner Luiz Higa Junior adopted the regal-looking pooch when he was just 4 months old and started posting his pictures on social media.

And we can see why its page has about 340,000 followers: the content is absolutely adorable.

Bob is a golden retriever known to be gentle, friendly, loving, and able to get along with anyone and anything. Friends like birds or mice are no exception. They are all best friends.

Bob becomes a gentle giant protecting his nine little friends. He often takes his friends for walks, plays together, and even sleeps together.

Their owners are wonderful raising them together.

The photos of the dog and his friends really attracted a lot of attention. They look so adorable.

The dog is always extremely friendly and welcoming to his colorful friends, even when they climb on top of him.

Sleepy time: Golden retriever Bob appeared perfectly happy snuggled up alongside the pets in his owner’s home

Bob naps with some feathered friends at their house

These two parrots seem to want to make a nest on a Bob’s head

The three of them slept in a very cute position