May 28, 2023

90-Pound ᴅᴏɢ Walks Two Miles, Goes Into Random Home Then Gets In Bed And Snuggles With Home Owners

90-Pound ᴅᴏɢ Walks Two Miles, Goes Into Random Home Then Gets In Bed And Snuggles With Home Owners

One Tennessee woman recently woke up to quite the surprise when she found herself sleeping in her own bed yet ᴄᴜᴅᴅʟɪɴɢ with a stranger’s ᴅᴏɢ.

Jimmy and Julie Johnson had accidentally left a back door open at their home in Polk County on May 1. Unbeknownst to them, two miles away, Nala the ᴅᴏɢ had sʟɪᴘᴘᴇᴅ her collar and embarked on a night-time adventure.

She sʟɪᴘᴘᴇᴅ her collar yesterday while being walked, ran down the street to a neighbors house, somehow managed to get in their house, and climbed into bed with them in the middle of the night.

She sneaked her way into Jimmy and Julie’s home, and ᴘᴀᴅᴅᴇᴅ ᴘᴀsᴛ their ᴅᴏɢs, before jumping into bed with the couple.

“We both kind of rolled over and looked at each other and there’s a 90-pound ᴅᴏɢ in between us that doesn’t belong to us,” Julie said

At first they were frightened because a ᴅᴏɢ doesn’t just walk into a stranger’s home and get in bed. Plus, the couple has three ᴅᴏɢs of their own, and they didn’t seem to react. But then they realized they probably didn’t have anything to be afraid of.

“My husband just moved the blankets a little bit and she just snuggled right into him like she belonged to him.” Jimmy said


On the next  morning Jimmy posted an article  on her Facebook ,  to find the pup with her real owner.

Julie posted: ‘It is absolutely normal to wake up in our house with one of our ᴅᴏɢs in the bed with us. One small problem, this is not our ᴅᴏɢ, nor do we know how she got in our house. At first, we thought it was one of ours, but they rarely lay on the pillows! In pitch darkness, I just assumed it was. Wouldn’t we all? As daylight began to creep in through our curtains we realized we were snuggling with someone else’s ᴅᴏɢ. This is the weirdest post I have ever had to make.”

The post spread through the town and eventually reached Nala’s true owner – Cris Hawkins. Finally the ᴅᴏɢ had found the right owner.

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